DBOSS DI-1 - A high-quality direct box for transforming high-impedance, unbalanced instrument outputs to low-impedance, balanced inputs. US$122.10
Canare BCJ-XJ-TRB 110Ω-to-75Ω Digital Audio Impedance Transformer US$25.00
Canare BCJ-XP-TRB 75Ω-to-110Ω Digital Audio Impedance Transformer US$25.00
The Force Model 2792 FM Video/Stereo Audio Fiber Optic Link Receiver US$600.00
The Force Model 2792 FM Video/Stereo Audio Fiber Optic Link Transmitter US$600.00
Rolls PB23 Phantom Power Adapter US$35.00

Neutrik NC3FX Female Cable End XLR Nickel/Silver US$5.00

NEUTRIK XLR NC3MRC-B Male right-angle US$9.00

NEUTRIK XLR NC3FRC-B Female right-angle US$9.00

Neutrik NL4FC Speakon Connector 4 Pole Cable Mount US$10.00

 Neutrik1/4" Black Mono plug US$9.00

Neutrik NC3MX Male XLR Connector with Nickel Contacts US$5.00
Neutrik 2 pole 1/4" professional phone plug, Nickel housing, Nickel contacts US$4.00

Neutrik NP3RC Male TRS Stereo Right Angle 1/4" Connector US$9.00

Platinum Tools Punch down tool -PT PDT 13006 US$50.00

Perfect PV6-PV RG6 Ridgeloc High Performance F-Connector US$10.00 (50 per Bag)
Raynox HD-FXR180 opens up the field of view ultra wide angle, upon mounting the lens on the camera's lens. Further, the lens has an amazing resolution power at center to suit the high definition image quality of the camera. US$500.00
Shure-8800 US$15.00
Shure-Lyric-8700 US$13.50
Shure-lyric-8900 US$16.50
Shure-SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone US$77.65
Switchcraft 4pin Female XLR US$8.00
Switchcraft 4pin Male XLR US$8.00
Switchcraft 5pin Female XLR US$8.00
Switchcraft 5pin Male XLR US$8.00

Myat 301-064 3-1/8" Taper Reducer to 1 5/8 US$375.00

RVR EIA Flange 1-5/8" for 7/8" Foam Dielectric US$400.00
Vidicraft Pro Switcher 4x4 Matrix US$297.00
The Telex RadioCom TT-44 is a 16 channel synthesized wireless IFB transmitter designed to provide a wireless link to on-air talent in the studio or while you are in the field. US$600.00



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